Elegant and Unique Handcrafted Furniture

Elegant and Unique Handcrafted Furniture

Every piece of Curved Works custom-made furniture is a work of art, and built to last for generations. Our unique stools, tables, and stands will add a rich, timeless touch to your home or business.

Whatever your personal style is – from rustic and cozy to open and modern – our skilled craftsmen can custom-build your Curved Works with a variety of attractive wood and tabletop options.

For over 30 years, we’ve helped transform interiors with the unique beauty and functionality of York Spiral Stairs. Now you can decorate your living area with the same elegance and lasting quality.

Art is in the details: Choose your Curved Works custom-made furniture in a variety of woods and design options. Some furniture designs even have reversible stands.

Woods: Red oak, ash, maple, poplar, hickory, mahogany, cherry, walnut, or teak

Tabletop materials: Regular, Starphire or bronze glass or, alternatively, wood tops

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Better Spiral Stairs

York Spiral Stairs bring a beautiful and functional elegance to any home or business. Our unique double helix spiral stairs are a more graceful and safer design.
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